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What are the ideal pallet dimensions for your needs and your type of transport?

The importance of wood pallets in transportation and storage

Wooden pallets are essential to ensure the safety of goods during transportation, handling and storage. They provide solid and durable support for products and facilitate inventory management.

Standard pallet sizes and types

Most companies use standard pallets without knowing that they could better protect their goods and save on acquisition or transportation costs by choosing a size better suited to their needs. The common dimensions of wooden pallets are :

47.25 x 31.5 inches (1200 x 800 mm)
48 x 48 inches (1 219 x 1 219 mm)
48 x 40 inches (1219 x 1016 mm)
36 x 36 inches (915 x 915 mm)
42 x 42 inches (1067 x 1067 mm)
45 x 45 inches (1,143 x 1,143 mm)

Custom solutions and international standards

It is important not to limit yourself to standard formats and to consider custom solutions adapted to your specific needs. The international ISPM15 standard regulates wood packaging and packaging materials to prevent the spread of pests in international transport.

Find the ideal wood pallet size for your needs with the advice of our experts


Finding the right partner for your pallet needs

To identify the ideal pallet for your merchandise and minimize your transportation costs, it is essential to surround yourself with a palletizing and packaging specialist. This professional will guide you to the best solution for your situation, taking into account international standards and your specific needs.

The advantages of custom wooden pallets

Opting for custom wooden pallets has several advantages for companies, including:

  • Increased protection of goods during transport

  • Optimization of storage and transportation space

  • Reduced acquisition and shipping costs

  • A guarantee of compliance with international requirements and standards

It is therefore important to take the time to analyze all potential options and ask the right questions! It is essential to choose a manufacturer that offers the ideal type of pallet, that is to say, adapted to the dimensions of your goods, their weight and the different transport conditions to which your goods will be subjected.

For example, if you need to protect delicate materials, the platform pallet is the ideal solution. In addition to being a top quality wooden pallet, it is completely covered with wood to maximize the protection and stability of the goods transported on it.

When it comes to saving on transportation costs, a custom-made pallet can optimize space in the truck, container or other transport to minimize your shipping costs.

If you are trying to save on the costs of acquiring pallets, it is possible, in certain cases, to manufacture thinner wooden pallets or to use fewer boards in their design. Pallets then become more affordable to purchase and are ideal for light goods that do not require sturdy pallets.

The different types of wooden pallets

When choosing custom pallets, you can select the type of pallet best suited to your needs, including:

  • 4-way pallet

  • 2-way pallet

  • Short and long pallet

  • Single deck pallet

  • Double deck pallet

  • Reversible pallet

  • Softwood pallet

  • Hardwood pallet

  • Container pallet

  • Custom pallet

  • Block pallet

  • Notched pallet

Innovation and technology for pallets

At CPCQ, we use software and innovations to optimize pallet design, manufacturing and management. These tools allow us to offer customized packaging and transportation solutions, adapted to the needs of each customer.

More precisely, our load analysis software allows us to design pallets that are perfectly suited to the load capacity required for your needs, your handling environment and your shipping requirements.

More importantly, our software allows us to accurately determine the performance of pallets under the conditions of use specific to your commodity and industry.


Making the right choice for your wooden pallets

To ensure the safety of your goods and minimize your transportation costs, it is crucial to select the right wooden pallets for your needs. Take the time to analyze your options and ask your pallet supplier questions. A palletizing and packaging expert will be able to guide you to the best solution for your situation, taking into account international standards and the specifics of your goods.

Find the most suitable wood pallet size for your needs with the advice of our experts


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